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Florence Elysée are:
Samuele Ballerini
Giovanni Farina
Elisabetta Del Ferro

Mixed and Mastered By
Paolo Rossi at
Studio Waves, Pesaro, Italy
Recorded By
Samuele Ballerini
Cover design by
Ilenia Pascucci


released May 5, 2017

Many thanks to:

Laura Loritz
Anita Montagna
Paolo Rossi
Ilenia Pascucci
Melania Tombari
Lorenzo Vichi
Marco Riminucci
Linda Magi
Achille Ballerini
Alessandro Eusebi
Alessandro Mazzoli
Bernardo Bacciardi
Daniele Bertozzi
Daniele Farina
Davide Mazzoli
Emanuela Del Ferro
Filippo Greganti
Francesca e Monica
Francesco Farina
Gianfranco Gabbani
Gianmarco Petti
Marta Uguccioni
Matteo Sgrignani
Monica Scavolini
Paolo Berti
Sammy wants to fly



all rights reserved


Florence Elysée Pesaro, Italy

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Track Name: Towards home
Will I ever face it? - Will I ever make it? - The unraveling puzzle that
I never know - I lost control - Whatever I do plan - It turns into
a no end - Too many variables thrown in my life - Running ‘round,
what’s my role? - I keep searching for it - Look towards home no
matter what she has done - Give her a chance no matter what she’s
done - Find something of worth so you keep moving on - Don’t stop;
let’s fight, for your life goes on - Whenever the sky up above looks
grey - Clouds and wind are your travelling mates - Don’t lose your
way, work hard for it - Wherever you go - Turn your collar to the cold -
Leave your sails and surf the wind - Cry, fly, you can dry the tears
you cried tonight
Track Name: Beautiful
Beautiful - I love these people - I love these crazy people around
me - Nothing is going wrong, hope it’ll last that long - We’re
now living this life - We’re now living always bright - That’s right,
beautiful - And I promise myself joy - And I forget the sad days -
And I’m looking for someone to be with me - Now it’s hard to be
so lonely, I become just me - Nothing else, my spirit doesn’t need
anything - Now I feel that’s right and I am going to fight -
And I promise myself joy - Now I’m promising joy
Track Name: Letters
While I find my way -Straight step on the stairs - In everything
I’ve done - I get my reasons - To make my own way - To go through
it better - Screaming against it - Now you’re in my way - A letter
strongly closed - And mine is closed too - Are we going to open? -
Are the stakes so high? - Why do we throw them away? - Screaming
against it - I hope, this time. - There is a letter - Right there for you -
Is this your letter? - This one is for you - You can do it - But don’t hit
my heart - It might be right - You can do it - But don’t hit my heart -
It might be light
Track Name: This is the last time
More than words - More than you can forget - We have to stop -
And dig out something weird - This is the last time - We know,
you’ve got it, don’t forget - So I will stand, I was born then I’ll die -
The hope in your eyes doesn’t make things go right - This is the last
time - We know, we’re chasing a better place - So I will feel so high
when I’ll die
Track Name: Image
The king of the sky is crying, listen - And I am under his tears -
In my hands - There is a lake now - And I see you - Your eyes
in mine - Why should I die if my heaven is now here by me? -
When will the king stop crying? listen - It’s a wild flash - The clouds
will break - And will open a passage, listen - We will see the sun -
Your eyes in mine - You fill me with joy - You surround me with joy -
If you look at the moon - You’ll then see a star
Track Name: Old stones
I would like to let you know - The more I think of you the less
I know - This crushing feeling that I know - Will never go leave me
at home - The whirlwinds fly above the sky - Our imagination makes
me feel alive - So can you trust me? - Something’s more than me -
So do you trust me? - Something’s more than me - I would like to let
you know - The breeze is crushing in but listen, then go - I’ve learnt
to let the universe feel things we only knew in our bones - And now
I’ve feared I’ve let you go - Sitting down on stones we forgot how
old - What if I could go? - And write it all on stone - But I have
to know - I never thought I’d know - Unless she showed me home -
Unless she wrote it down - Thought I could know - And I‘ll go
and fall - I had to know
Track Name: 14th day
14th day - Here we’re again - How strange, inside the peephole I see
the light - While I see all those people are celebrating it - But I know
that tomorrow will be - Unbelievable - I’ve opened the door - I don’t
want to be seen like them - I have never felt like the others - And
I know that tomorrow will be the same - Let it always be the same -
We have gone over the rainbow - And we’ll go back twice and more -
Let it be the same - I wish I could see into every day’s flow the 14th
day - To say this is my place - Feel the same - Today is yesterday -
And tomorrow’s word will just be my love
Track Name: Sharp
We’re walking in circles on the wire - We try to stay here - The world
is fast - And I’m so far - The daylight begins - The apologies are
blinding my eyes - Our work is to ignore them - Like a knife - Sharp,
I’ll shake - Every moment - All these things - I don’t know why - If I
should fall - I hope to fall on the right way - To be saved - To be alive
Track Name: Strange behaviour
Even letting you have my time - Becomes
difficult in these times - Even letting you
have my life and my soul - Even letting
you have my time - Is annoying and heavy
for my life - I don’t want to see my strange
behaviour - Now it’s starting, my way out -
What are you thinking about? - Let me open
that door - But let me stay on my own - Even
letting you have my dreams - It wouldn’t
help anyone or anything - I don’t wanna trip
over stone by stone now - How can I explain
my strange behaviour - How can you get it,
the absolute truth - How can I explain?
how can I?
Track Name: The riddle
I’m waiting for that place - Try to understand what has spun around -
It’s not a simple thing - It seems that we’re looking for - Any time
I see that light it’s spinning around - We’re enchanted by its sun -
We cannot sit idly by and watch how many things you do - Is it free? -
Or they’ll put me on my knees - The riddle’s in my way - How can I
understand? I’m watching everything you do - Is it free? - Or they’ll
put me on my knees - The riddle’s in my way - For this I’ve racked
my brain - You seem a rebel sunflower, spinning around - She’s
against the sun’s law - Please, let your laws be light for my eyes -
I will be there waiting for something of worth in our lives - Trying
to put me by your side and soothe - What has spun around -
What’s been spinning around
Track Name: The wall, the wheel, the sheet
My hanged nature - That is dangling round - Around, screams
and thumbs down - And a blinding light - That makes my motion
continuous - My spirit flies - Every link; the wall opens every link -
Anything; the light cancels everything - Sammy wants to fly - I would
like for the light to stay with me within six walls - And that someone
from outside thought - Of our crazy and desperate job - The wheel
crushes hard my foot - The sheet crushes my tired head - I know,
I wanna see - He wants to fly
Track Name: Home
Oh light, come down to rescue me - Too much, my feet glued and
fixed here - Some say we have to be thankful for this - I wish for that
place to call my home - I want to wake up with a smile - I want to run
through the beauty of my work saying “I stay here” - Nothing’s right
or wrong - I’m working hard for it, let it come to me - And what
I feel should come to me - Everything is written on letters - Talking
to paper can help us find that hand that will take us towards home